Professional window cleaning involves having the right equipment and tools to be used to achieve spotless and effective cleaning. Know more about the common tools that most of the reputable window cleaning Gilbert service providers use on your high rise or commercial building to make it beautiful and clean. 

Harnesses and ropes

Professional window cleaners are tasked to do the cleaning even in high buildings. If they cannot utilize a lift to reach high points of the building, they need to depend on harnesses and ropes. These should be reliable, durable, and strong to keep expert cleaners safe. Professional roof rigs are also used to steadily hold them while they work. Only the professionals can guarantee that they can do the job with just having their harness on.

Safety glasses and goggles

Given those professional window cleaners clean exterior windows, they are already susceptible to the elements such as sun and wind. Also, they are subjected to the cleaning solutions, which they apply on windows. By using goggles and glasses, they can be protected from any dirt or debris that can possibly get into their eyes that can possibly be due to an accident or flown by the wind. Safety precautions are really essential for continuous cleaning. 

Belts and holsters

Expert cleaners look for ways to carry all of the essential tools they regularly use. Belts and holsters enable cleaners to have their tools with them as they wear them around their waist. This is usually efficiently organized for them to get everything they need, regardless if they are cleaning the windows on a particular floor or just cleaning the front doors. Holsters can be fit perfectly to any snug tool, guaranteeing that they will be secured and attached regardless of the height the cleaner needs to scale. 

Sponges and towels

Extra cleaning tools such as sponges and towels turn out to be beneficial to cleaners in terms of eliminating the cleaning solution and water that accumulates all over the window panes and could be challenging to remove with squeegees. Apart from that, they can be perfect for scrubbing away stubborn stains and dirt from birds and bugs. Quality sponges and towels can last several cleanings. 


This tool is often recognized as sleeves. They are fabric cylinders that can suit over a squeegee and are utilized to spread cleaning solutions and water on top of a glass. Since they can be utilized with another tool, they help save the cleaner’s time and space, making cleaning straightforward and easy. Microfiber scrubbers can help clean even those stubborn grime and dirt you can see from your exterior windows. 


This is a typical cleaning tool that has a rubber blade on a handle. Cleaners utilize this to wipe away dampness from the glass. With the help of its rubber flexible, it can remove all the water that leaves the glass streak-free and dry. Squeegees are available in different sizes and lengths. Meaning, they can be utilized on small and large windows.